ELANTAS Electrical Insulation


The Altana Group is committed to providing global customers with the products of the highest quality and performance. ELANTAS Beck India’s R&D Center interacts regularly with R&D centers in the Group around the world. This results in the generation and evolution of a continuous stream of innovative international class products and solutions in tune with ever changing market needs and the highest level of customer driven service. In addition to development of new products, R&D center is involved in developing and refining manufacturing process at every stage, thereby ensuring the highest quality standards for all the products. The R&D Center in India is also an active participant in long term global research projects that endeavor to identify and serve future needs of the markets.

Landmarks of R&D

  • Polyamide imide wire enamel for class 200 overcoat application
  • Highly flexible Formvar wire enamels for CTC application
  • Class 180 high speed polyesterimide wire enamel
  • Class 180 pigmented UP varnishes for ballast insulation
  • Flexible epoxy casting and potting materials
  • RoSH/REACH Compliant Flame retardant Epoxy & PU systems for capacitors
  • Water soluble core plate varnish with thermal Index 155
  • Class 180 water soluble impregnating varnish for hermetic motors
  • Polyurethane based coatings and sealants for exterior applications
  • Epoxy based self-levelling flooring for pharma, automobile, engineering and electronic industry
  • Antistatic and electro-conductive floor coatings for electrical and electronic industry
  • Under water curing epoxy grouting and sealant for structural repairs