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Primary Insulation

ELANTAS is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermosetting polymers for electrical insulation. 

Our products include a full range of Wire enamels, Primers, Binding Varnishes and Lubricants based on all available chemistries. To meet the growing demands of the rapidly changing electrical and electronics industry, We respond quickly to our customer requirements through our combined efforts of R&D and Technical services on new product developments. We welcome opportunities to discuss present and future needs of our customers, markets and help them to reach their goals. Our improved technology products are the cornerstone that enables many years of reliable service for many electrical and electronic products.



  1. Wire Enamels
  2. Binder varnishes
  3. Primers
  4. Lubricants

Application Note: Wire Enamels and Binder Varnishes

  1. General

    The winding wire insulation is undoubtedly the most important insulating material used in the insulation system of an electrical machine. Winding wire insulation widely used are enamel, glass-fibre covering, paper covering, film covering (Polyimide, Polyester, etc.) and their combinations. Being closest to the current carrying conductor, its properties decisively influence the performance, reliability & life of electrical machine.

  2. Wire Enamel as insulation & its application

    Thin film of wire enamel on conductor provides high dielectric strength coupled with thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance. Wire enamel are classified based on either (a) Chemical base, such as Polyester, Polyesterimide, Polyamide-imide, Polyurethane, etc. or (b) Thermal rating of the wire, such as Class 155, Class 200 etc. Both round and Rectangular enamelled wires are manufactured on enamelling machines in which the wire enamel is applied on annealed conductor in multicoat system. The thin film of wire enamel is cured in oven at high temperature 4500-7000C.

    Horizontal Enamelling Machine

    Generally finer wire sizes (up to 0.5 mm dia) are processed on horizontal enamelling machine. The enamel wiping is felt or Die.

    Vertical Enamelling Machine

    Larger wire sizes generally above 0.5 mm dia are processed on vertical enamelling machines. The wire enamel wiping is dies. Dual coat and triple coat application is widely used to combine the best properties of two or three wire enamel coating. Rectangular wires, are also manufactured on vertical enamelling machines.

  3. Glass-Fibre covering with Binder varnishes

    ELANTAS Beck Insulation system offers a wide range of binder varnishes manufacture of class 155 to 200 insulated wire with glass-fibre covering. Binder varnishes based on Polyurethane Polyesterimide, Epoxy and Silicone are available. The application of binder varnishes is done on horizontal glass-fibre covering, varnishing and curing plant as shown here

    For further details please contact our Technical Services department, eMail id: Bapu.Gawade@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com

UL Recognitions

UL File No. E135382