ELANTAS Electrical Insulation

Secondary Insulation

ELANTAS Beck, offers a wide product range in solvent borne varnishes and solvent-less resins up to thermal class of 200°C. Beck has products, which meet highest environmental demands. Beck is the first Indian company to launch the environmental friendly products such as cresol-free wire enamels, water-soluble varnishes, and monomer free UP Resins. ELANTAS Beck’s single component unsaturated polyesterimide resins speak of it’s commitment towards offering the finest customer friendly products.

  • Insulating Varnishes - Product Profile PDF

    Binder varnishes for glass-fibre covered and braided wires.

    Impregnation of electrical machine windings transformers, magnet coils for thermal class 120 to 200 equipment Coating of core plate laminations, capacitors, electronic components etc. Impregnation of hermetically sealed motors.

    Impregnation of glass-fibre sleevings, tapes etc. Finishing varnish coatings for improved moisture and track resistance.

    Products: ISOPOXY, Elmoglas, Elmotherm, Elmo®, ISONEL®, Elmo Luft, Becktol

  • Impregnating & Trickle Resins - Product Profile PDF

    Solventless resins for impregnation of electrical machine windings up to thermal class 200. Impregnation of high voltage machines, magnet coils and instrument transformers, D.C. machines, traction motors.

    Products: Dobeckan®, Dobeckot®