ELANTAS Electrical Insulation


ELANTAS Europe GmbH developes, produces and sells impregnation resins and -varnishes, trickle resins, coating varnishes, potting systems, hot melt resins, thin and thick film varnishes, adhesives and materials for printed electronics, which are used among other products for electric motors, transformers, generators, capacitors, printed circuit boards, sensors and electronic moduls. These electrical and electronic devices can be found in household appliances, automotive applications, television sets, wind generators, computers and lighting.

ELANTAS Europe GmbH is represented in all important markets. Our objective is to provide best service to our market and the most innovative products. ELANTAS Europe is close to the customers and the market requirements. This is based on permanent consciousness for service along with strong technical competence in providing solutions. Due to consequent activities in research and development and a high innovative ability the business unit has established a leading international position for liquid insulation materials.