For electronics protection ELANTAS Beck GmbH answers the question.


What protects the most effectively? Polyurethane, polyester, silicones or epoxy?

Electrical components and circuit boards must always withstand larger challenges such as humidity, extreme temperatures, mechanical loads and chemical effects. The potting / coating technology provides highly effective protection for sensitive electrical and electronic systems. Decision criteria for potting and protective coatings, among other things, is the selection of the proper chemistry, but what is the right chemistry in your application?


Why look for it yourself? ELANTAS Beck offers you the alternative. We have a wide range of chemical components and can thus find the optimal solution for your application - regardless of whether it should be polyurethane, polyesters, silicones or epoxies.


What is the best protection? Polyurethane, polyester, silicones or epoxy?

This question can be answered by us. We establish the facts upon which you can make your decision.


In our application laboratory we have at least the four coating machines and potting equipment, and possibility to conduct electrical tests in accordance with IPC-CC-830-B, IEC 61086 A, DIN EN 60068-2-52, UL 746 E and UL 94. 



In our long-term laboratory, the electronics modules are deliberately aged in specially designed air chambers (temperature / humidity, salt fog, thermal shock-40°C / +125°C).




Following this procedure, we inspect your electronics module for signs of ageing such as cracks and delamination. The example demonstrates the ability to perform time-consuming ageing studies directly with ELANTAS, so that we can recommend the most suitable chemical for your requirement. Finally, you will receive a detailed report of the results and the electronics module. Based on these facts, you can decide what chemistry is right for your requirement. This means a reduction in time and effort for you.


Typically such tests are taking up to 1,000 hours or 6 weeks, in addition to the technical evaluation of the electronic protection. In addition, the validation time has been significantly reduced in your establishment, so that an increase in productivity is possible without further investment.

With the proper choice of electronic protection, the life of the electronics module is extended. The reliable Bectron-concept is hidden behind this characteristic.

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