Protection makes sense. ELANTAS Europe expands the product portfolio of silicones.

New technologies and the demand for improved productivity levels have a direct impact on todays' markets and materials used. The requirements for materials to operate within higher temperature ranges or for softer materials with improved chemical and UV resistance are steadily increasing.



We have expanded our existing portfolio of Bectron® potting and coating materials with the inclusion of a dedicated range of silicone compounds and gels as well as sealants and adhesives. Our silicone range offers materials to cover  for wide spectrum of application areas in the electronic industry e.g. PCB conformal coating, potting and encapsulation, fixing components, lid/housing sealing and heat dissipation aids.

  • 2-part addition cure potting compounds and gels
  • 2-part condensation cure systems as well as
  • 1-part adhesives (alkoxy).

Where an improved adhesion is required our R&D specialists offer full support to provide an optimum and individual solution with a primer or with plasma treatment.

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We present:

Our Bectron® product range designed for the needs of the electronics industry

      • Thin film coatings with alkyd, acrylate, silicone (1-component)
      • Thick film coatings, VOC free, with polyurethane, epoxy, silicone (1-component)
      • Melting resins, VOC free (1-component)
      • Polyurethane (1- & 2-component)
      • Silicones (1- & 2-component)
      • Adhesives for electronic applications

Our Bectron® product range designed for printed electronic applications:

      • Conductive inks, silver or carbon baseD
      • Insulating inks, transparent or colored
      • Functional screen printing inks, UV-curable kit

 Our Elan-tron® product range designed for electrotechnical and heavy electrical applications

      • Casting resins with epoxy, polyurethane, polybutadiene, silicone (2-component)
      • Potting resins with epoxy, polyurethane, polybutadiene, silicone (2-component)

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