A new VOC Free Unsaturated Polyester Imide resin with low viscosity - ELAN-protect® UP150

With our new material ELAN -protect® UP150 ELANTAS Europe extended the existing product portfolio of VOC free unsaturated polyester resins. We developed a completely new polymer backbone which offers excellent technical performance together with rather low viscosity. ELAN -protect® UP150 is an impregnating resin with a target viscosity comparable to those containing VOCs.

ELAN -protect® UP150 is designed for the impregnation of all conventional stationary windings:

  • Transformers
  • Electrical coils

The product is a solvent and VOC free, single component unsaturated polyester resin with low emissions. It is a styrene- and vinyl toluene-free impregnating resin, which means that emissions are reduced to a minimum in order to create a better working environment and limit flammability as well as emissions exposure. The material is classified as nonhazardous for transportation and storage.

The cured product is tough and resilient, with good mechanical and dielectrical properties. Product shows good resistance to the effects of liquid chemicals and solvent vapors. The fully cured material is suitable for use at thermal class 180 (H) temperatures following IEC 60085.

Typical Product Properties

PropertiesConditionsTest MethodValueM/U
Appearance Visual MethodLiquid 
Viscosity23 °C
25 °C
IOR_4_03_04_AP_QT200 ÷ 400
200 ÷ 400
Density25 °CO-10-51 (ASTM D 1475)1,090 ÷ 1,130g/ml
Gel Time100 °CIOS 1.02_23_QT (DIN 16945) 5 ÷ 11min
Curing Conditions    
Suggested curing cycle -1h at 150 °C 

Furthermore, ELAN -protect® UP150 has been recognized Class H as UL Yellow Card according to the table below.

ANSI TypeTwisted Pair Temp (°C)Helical Coil Temp (°C)Curved Electrode Temp
MW 35-C180--


Added value is guaranteed:: Due to the low viscosity ELAN -protect® UP150 assures a high penetration in combination with a high bond strength. The material is classified in class H (180), environmentally friendly, ZERO VOC and has a very high tank stability.

Do you want to learn more about ELAN -protect® UP150 or our portfolio for impregnating resins? Please contact us Impregnation.elantas.europe@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com