Innovative materials for APG application


With the new materials Elan-tron® EC58/WH058.5 and Elan-tron® EC58/WH850.2 ELANTAS Europe developed two innovative epoxy-anhydride systems especially tailored to Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG) processes, offering a reduced post curing time of 50%.

The APG application is common for the manufacture of bushings and insulators in large batches, in serial production and – very important – in a short time. This can be done by rapid gelation and demolding with automatic opening and closing of the mold using a clamping machine. During the gelling process, fresh material is supplied continuously to the mold under pressure to prevent cracks and voids and also to compensate the shrinkage of the material. To improve the mechanical and electrical properties, the finished product has to be post cured in an oven after the demolding.

The new material systems Elan-tron® EC58/WH058.5 and Elan-tron® EC58/WH850.2 reduce the post curing time up to 50%. In addition the technology provides a long pot life of the materials especially for pressure pot. Accelerants or flexibilizers are not requested for these systems, just two liquid components have to be handled in the production. This formulation offers a huge flexibility to the end user, avoiding any additive additions, due to different sizes and geometry of the final object. The advantages are on hand:

Main benefits:

  • Low post curing time, reduction up to 50%
  • Stability
  • Long pot life at low temperature
  • 2-component materials

Added value is guaranteed: With the lower curing time customers benefit from an increase in productivity and from a high reduction of energy consumption and cost.

Properties at 25 °C

Elan-tron® EC58/WH058.5Elan-tron® EC58/WH850.2
Resin (mPas)4.800 - 5.7004.800 - 5700
Hardener  (mPas)350 - 630100 - 200
Mixing ratio (% by weight)100:105100:95
Suggested filler amount (% wt.)375355
Gelation time (minutes)

50 - 60 (100 °C)
8 - 10 (140 °C)

28 - 37 (100 °C)
7 - 10 (140 °C)

Glass transition  (°C)90 - 95110 - 125
ApplicationsInsulators and BushingsInsulators and Bushings


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