ELANTAS Electrical Insulation

Analysis of stator winding systems for electric mobility and their production features

Presenter:   Dr. Florian Sell-Le Blanc
Company:Aumann Espelkamp GmbH
Title:Head of Pre-Development
Time:15.15 - 15.50 h, 05.11.2018


Due to different application conditions currently a variety of coil winding types is concurring on the market for automotive traction drives with diverse manufacturing approaches. The dominant distinguishing features on the application side are the needed power and torque characteristic, determined by a mild, medium hybrid or a full-electric drive application, as well the given installation space. The dominant production features rely on different approaches on how to achieve a compact winding with small winding heads (spatial requirements). Depending on the electric motor type optimization objectives may vary. Where for a permanent magnet motor a high torque density enforced by an optimized fill factor is the main objective, the objective for asynchronous machines is mainly to minimize the winding head and create optimal phase symmetry. A comparison of main product features and their related importance for winding types will be provided. Aside from product optimization the uncertain production volume and product variety will be focused as well.