ELANTAS Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulation systems under dc voltage stress

Presenter:   Prof. Josef Kindersberger
Company:Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Time:14.15 - 14.50 h, 05.11.2018


When energizing an electrical insulation system with a direct voltage the initial capacitive field distribution governed by the permittivity of the insulating materials involved turns into a stationary resistive field distribution governed by the materials’ conductivity. In order to assure a sufficient electric strength of an equipment for use in high voltage direct current (HVDC) systems the design of the relevant insulation systems has to take into account the various electric field distributions resulting from operating voltages including transient overvoltages. The paper deals with basic phenomena in HVDC insulation systems with respect to the electric field and space charge distribution, highlights the influence of relevant material parameters, and addresses the impact of temperature, field strength and moisture content on the material properties.