ELANTAS Electrical Insulation

High temperature resistant silicones - Application in lift magnets

Presenter:   Dr. Andreas Steinmann
Company:ELANTAS Europe
Title:R&D Manager Silicones
Time:16.00 - 16.35 h, 05.11.2018


Lifting magnets have huge electric coils, which have to be protected against humidity and mechanical damage. Therefore, they are kept in a housing and the gap between the coil and the housing is filled with a potting.
Often these magnets are used to carry very hot metals which destroys the potting. Therefore, the material of choice for this potting is silicone, which can be removed due to its softness after decomposition by the heat. The magnet can be potted again and therefore “recycled”.
This presentation is about a new silicone for lifting magnets with outstanding heat stability in order to prolong the operating time.