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Impregnation process solutions for the automotive industry

Presenter:   Carlo Motta
Company:bdtronic GmbH
Title:Process Manager Impregnation Technology
Time:08.30 - 09.05 h, 06.11.2018


Impregnation of BEV & HEV motors, especially for the high performance and process stability, “a must” for the automotive industry, require precision and professional experience. Size, design and production volume have an important influence for choosing the right impregnation technology. bdtronic has unique process expertise and experience and offers various impregnation and heating technologies that fulfill the different requirements. In 2017, the company has built the world's largest and fastest impregnation machine for the automotive industry. The machine has a cycle time of 45 seconds per electric motor stator with an annual capacity of 500,000 parts.