ELANTAS Electrical Insulation

Nano technologies applied to wire enamels - Nano-structured materials for high temperature resistant and corona resistant enamels

Presenter:   Dr. Giovanna Biondi
Company:ELANTAS Europe
Title:Head of R&D Ascoli
Time:08.30 - 09.05 h, 06.11.2018


Developments in nanotechnology are some of the most important scientific achievements in recent years, with many industries, including medical and pharmaceutical, electronics, specialty chemicals and advanced materials, food, textiles (clothing, medical, military, sport), IT and telecoms, energy and semiconductor industries being set to benefit.
Hereby a short overview of nanotechnology application to magnet wire enamels is given, with special focus on high temperature resistant and corona resistant nanostructured wire enamels developed in ELANTAS Europe in the latest years.