ELANTAS Electrical Insulation

Partial discharge: Theory and practical applications

Presenter:   Prof. Francesco Guastavino
Company:University of Genua
Time:16.00 - 16.35 h, 05.11.2018


The presentation will regard the aspects relevant to the effects of Partial Discharge (PD) activity on the insulating system of the rotating electrical machines. Firstly, the basic theory of the PD phenomena will be shortly considered. Then the PD measurement systems will be introduced with reference to the involved chemical-physical processes. Both low and high frequency electrical measurement systems will be described for the detection of the conducted and irradiated PD signals. The PD effects on Type I insulating systems, relevant to random wire wound windings, and Type II insulating systems, relevant to form wound windings, will be discussed. The different behavior of the two insulating solutions, for low and high voltage machines, will be highlighted especially as regards the resistance to the PD activity. The PD ageing effects will be analyzed referring to the different design of the two insulating systems.