ELANTAS Electrical Insulation

Recyclable thermoplastic coating & potting of electronic devices

Presenter:   Jens Bürger
Company:ELANTAS Europe
Title:Technical Sales Manager Electronic
Time:09.15 - 09.50 h, 06.11.2018


Bectron MR 34 serie is a one-component hot melt resin is a thick film coating in electronic applications. As a thermoplastic, there is no curing reaction only a rapid solidification of the resin on cooling. The a one-component hot melt resin is designed to be repaired without additional chemistry.
Bectron MR 34 dielectric properties are ideal for electronic applications as well as protection against humidity, corrosion vibration and migration. It is based on polyolefin resin chemistry, which is better suited to electronics than conventional polyamide based hot-melt thermoplastic. It is suitable for application of a thick film coating on PCBs and components to provide chemical protection. It can be placed selectively to secure and protect single components or for whole PCBs or hybrids. Bectron MR 34 is recommended for serial production where fast solidification gives a short process time requiring no curing oven.