Printed Electronics

Was bedeutet eigentlich „Printed Electronics“ genau und wo findet man solche Anwendungen schon heute im Markt wieder? Wie weit ist die Technologie und warum wird das Siebdruckverfahren so oft anstelle von Offset, Flexo oder Tiefdruck eingesetzt? Welche Möglichkeiten bestehen im Bereich der Verpackungs- und Etikettenindustrie und welche Vorteile bietet gedruckte Elektronik im Bereich der RFID und NFC Antennen gegenüber z.B. geätzten Antennen aus Fernost?

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About us

Functional Inks and More

Excellent inks and personal support for printed electronics offers you our Product Line Printed Electronics, to push forward your applications.

Our portfolio includes conductive, insulating and functional screen printing inks for applications such as membrane switches, touch surfaces, in-mold electronics, hybrid electronics, sensors, RFID antennas and electroluminescent lighting.

Conductive Silver Inks

  • Based on solvents or UV-curable and VOC-free
  • Fast processing 
  • Good adhesion to glass, paper and various films such as PET or PC
  • Highly flexible films
  • Thermoformable
  • Easy to clean

Conductive Carbon Inks

  • Fast processing 
  • Based on solvents
  • Good adhesion to glass, paper and various films such as PET or PC
  • Highly flexible films
  • Easy to clean

Insulating Inks

Transparent or colored

  • Fast processing
  • UV-curable and VOC-free
  • Good adhesion to glass, paper and various films such as PET or PC
  • Flexible films
  • Easy to clean

Luminescent Inks

Electroluminescent UV system

  • Fast processing, and mainly VOC-free
  • Good adhesion to PEDOT, ITO, paper and various films such as PET or PC
  • Available colors: green, blue and cyan
  • Improved light outcoupling


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Discover the superior performance and processing of our functional inks. We offer special formulations, printing tests and characterization in our laboratory according to your specifications (application, layout and substrate). Our technical team would be pleased to support you on site.

At our sites in Hamburg we have comprehensive equipped R&D, printing and testing laboratories:

  • Development and formulation of inks and coatings using various stirring and mixing methods
  • Screen printing and curing (UV or heat treatment) of inks and coatings under clean room conditions
  • Manufacturing of conductive and insulating test sheets as well as electroluminescent devices
  • Characterization of substrates, thin-film layers and devices, e.g. surface analysis, electrical, optical and mechanical testing  
  • Environmental stress tests, e.g. water permeability determination, oxygen permeability determination, climate stressing, temperature cycling and salt spray test