Safety & Environment

ELANTAS Tongling Co., LTD is the wholly-owned subsidiary of ALTANA in China. Since its finding, all the relative laws, rules and regulations had been strictly observed by all staff and workers of the company. As a result, neither major safety accident nor pollution to the environment has occurred.

As members of a chemical plant, new employees are requested from the first day of their entries into the company to follow national regulations, rules and specifications pertaining to safety, environment protection and labor protection. In addition, ELANTAS Tongling has elaborated and implemented internal procedures, such as “Operation Instructions for Production Safety”, “Responsibilities of Safety Production”, “Management of Safety Production” and “Instructions of Equipment Operation”.

In order to enhance the production safety and improve consciousness of safety of all employees, a three-level safety management system is set up, consisting of company management, functional departments and working shifts.

The general manager of the company takes the overall responsibility of EHS. EHS Department functions as the supervisor of safety management, environmental protection, labor protection and prevention of occupational diseases. It monitors and inspects the implementation of EHS Procedures in departments and shifts and correction measures will be proposed if unsafe situation appears. It is authorized to request to pause the production and other activities when so needed.

Department manager is the responsible person for respective departments. He/she makes sure that all internal procedures with regard to safety, environmental protection and health are well implemented. He/she is entitled to refuse any operation instructions which are unsafe.

Forman is the responsible person for the working shifts. He/she carries out daily safety inspection of equipment, instruments and flammable materials within related area so that problems and dangers are detected, eliminated and reported in a timely manner.

The company has elaborated emergency succor procedures to deal with dangerous chemicals accidents. And the procedures are rehearsaled regularly so that they are made functioning and operational.

ELANTAS Tongling takes sustainable growth as its strategy; therefore, the company attaches high importance on EHS. From the beginning of its operations, ELANTAS Tongling selected state-of-the-art equipment and process and more advanced equipment and management systems will be introduced with growth of the company. During the whole production process, there is no waste water discharge, thanks to the closed circuit recirculation systems. The heat resource is generated by boilers. The sulfur dioxide and dust from its combustion are emitted to the atmosphere in compliance with the standard. Only little quantity of organic disposals generated from operation are collected and handed over to qualified units for treatment in accordance with requirements of the government.

The company has “Guidelines for Environment and Health Management”, which strictly requests that leakage and emission on all positions be avoided. In case leakage occurs, it must be handled immediately. The collected waste shall be put into dedicated drums.

All the measures would have helped ELANTAS Tongling Co., LTD. achieve safe, environment-friendly and clean production.