Our Manufacturing Sites

ELANTAS Beck India Ltd. commissioned its first manufacturing plant in 1956 at Pimpri, Pune in Maharashtra. Here, we formulate and manufacture a wide range of speciality electrical insulating materials for various thermal class applications. These include wire enamels, insulating and finishing varnishes, and resins for impregnation of electric motors. ELANTAS Beck India also caters to the electronic and engineering material sector by synthesising and formulating epoxy and its corresponding hardeners and polyurethane compounds for electronic and electro-technical applications.

The Pimpri site is also engaged in manufacturing a variety of construction chemicals and materials for engineering applications. These include industrial and clean room floor coatings, waterproofing compounds, interior and exterior water-based and solvent-based protective coatings, chemicals for structural repairs, adhesives, and sealants, etc.

In 1981, the second modern plant was set up at Ankleshwar in Gujarat to produce wire enamels and insulating varnishes. It specializes in the formulation and production of a wide range of wire enamels for copper and aluminium conductors, and electro-insulating varnishes for use in the electrical industry.