• Introducing
    ELAN–Film ® HT−180

    Technology has changed our world, how has your Flexible Electrical Insulating evolved?
    ELAN-Film® HT-180 changes the dynamics of Flexible Electrical Insulation options.

    With the development of ELAN-Film® HT-180 Insulation, ELANTAS introduces new possibilities in the field of flexible electrical insulation material applications, based on its own patented advanced PAI (polyamideimide) layer technology.

  • Introducing
    Impregnating Resins for
    High‑Voltage Rotating Machines

    Impregnating resins for high-voltage rotating machines have always been an integral business area of ELANTAS. Our customers in a wide range of markets have been using our resins for decades in order to produce durable and reliable products for their markets.

    With ELAN-Volt® we have gathered together our modern high-voltage impregnating resins in one unique product series.

ELANTAS produces insulating materials for the electrical and electronics industry.

By primary insulation is meant the first insulating layer applied directly to the electrical conductor. Primary insulating materials are varnishes – in the business of primary insulation mostly called wire enamels - which we supply to manufacturers of enameled wires.

We offer you different products from the Primary Insulation in many regions of the world:

By secondary insulation, also referred to as impregnation, is meant the stage of electrically insulating an enameled wire winding that follows the application of the primary insulation.

We offer you different products from the Secondary Insulation in many regions of the world:

By electronic and engineering materials are meant electrical and electronic insulating materials and construction materials (engineering materials). These  materials are used for applications where electrical and electronic components are embedded or completely encapsulated.

We offer you different products many regions of the world:

By Flexible Electrical Insulation is meant laminates, composite or sheet layer insulation materials. ELANTAS has used its chemical expertise to develop an advanced Flexible Electrical Insulation in the form of its proprietary product innovation ELAN-Film® HT-180.


We offer you different products in many regions of the world: