Heavy Electrical Applications

ELANTAS PDG, Inc. offers innovative solutions in the following chemistries and applications. For more information on products that meet your requirements, please get in touch with us! We are looking forward to your email to info.ELANTAS.PDG@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com.

To download a Technical Data Sheet or a Material Safety Data Sheet, please click here.


  • Epoxy Resins
    The product range for epoxy resins range from filled and unfilled, two part systems where the activator is either amine, anhydride or Lewis acid.  Products are either room or elevated temperature cured.  Wide ranges of product properties are available to suit your requirements from UL EIS systems, flame retardant, thermal conductivity, dielectric and the mechanical properties.
  • Unsaturated Polyester
    Based on multiple types of chemistry to provide high thermal indices, flexibility, noise dampening or adhesion and mechanical strength.  The resins are available with a variety of monomers that include the low VOC materials and can be either one or two packs, room or elevated cure, as well as unfilled and filled versions.
  • Solvented Varnishes
    ELANTAS PDG, Inc. offers a variety of solvented varnishes that are either alkyds, polyurethane or phenolic modified products to meet your needs.  They are either air dry or oven baked, providing a long lasting product.
  • Polyurethane
    ELANTAS PDG, Inc. also has an extensive range of polyurethane products.  The polyurethane chemistry is diverse, and ELANTAS PDG, Inc. has made great use of its capabilities.  The products offer diverse characteristics from flexible to rigid, filled and unfilled, flame retardant, elastomeric, high thermal conductivity and a large range of cure profiles.  ELANTAS PDG, Inc. has also developed a unique range of prepolymers to provide greater diversity of performance and mix ratios to make the blending of the two pack systems more user-friendly.



  • Medium / High Voltage Transformers
    Our portfolio offers a selection of products for dry type power transformers, dry type power transformers for outdoor use, instrument transformers for current (TA) and voltage (TV). A high fire resistance and excellent insulation properties are essential.
  • Insulators and Bushings
    Indoor insulators and particular outdoor insulators require elevated weather-resistance and fire-resistant properties.
  • Pultruded Bars
    We offer solutions for pultruded bars for insulators.
  • Medium / High Voltage Motors
    Our portfolio offers a range of materials for the application of medium/high voltage motors with excellent dielectric and processing properties (viscosity, surface wetting).