Small Motors

All kinds of small intelligent electrical appliances have came into various areas of life with the high-tech development, the core component of them are small motors, they will directly affect the efficiency and life of machines .To keep these machines running like new, they depend on a proven electrical insulation system. The system provides protection from temperature changes, chemicals and moisture.

Product Summary

ELANTAS Zhuhai has various products meet the requirements of small motor customers.The unsaturated polyester resins have excellent penetration, good bond strength and excellent electrical properties. Water emulsion are environmental friendly resins with excellent bond strength and suitable for use in hermetic application. Air dry resins can fast cure with excellent electrical properties.

Solutions For

  • Moisture Resistance
  • High Adhesion
  • Low Dielectric Dissipation
  • High Heat-resistance
  • Fast Cure
  • High Temperature stress
  • Fix Coils
  • Environmentally Friendly

Product Characteristics at a Glance

ProductBase ResinUnique CharacteristicsViscosity @25°C,mPa·sCure ScheduleApplication MethodThermal Class
009-0008ALKYD VARNISHSingle-component, fast air drying, anti-tracking, fungicidal varnish. Available different color version.100-125s @B4 21°C45-60 MINUTES @20°C
15-20 MINUTES @80°C
DIP180 °C
STERLING 77X-010ALKYD VARNISHA clear, fast air drying or low temperature cure insulating varnish for impregnating and seal coating. Available in clear or black versions.40-10020-30 MINUTES @25°CDIP180/200°C
GRC59-33KBEPOXY EMULSIONSingle-component, no co-solvent, fast cure, environmentally friendly product, excellent resistance to chemicals and water.10.5-12.5s @TU41-3 HOURS @120-130°CDIP/ROLL180 °C
PED1000-70WATER SOLUBLE POLYESTERSingle-component, economic efficiency, environmentally friendly product for general purpose use. Available in various non-volatile content versions for application.1600-25002-12 HOURS @110-150°CDIP/TRICKLE/ROLL DIP180/220°C
PED1000-70FCWATER SOLUBLE POLYESTERSingle component, economic efficiency, environmentally friendly product with low temperature and fast curing. Available in various non-volatile content versions for application.18000-300001-3 HOURS @110-130°CDIP/TRICKLE/ROLL DIP180℃
PED 2500WATER SOLUBLE POLYESTERSingle component, environmentally friendly product for general purpose use with no co-solvent for zero Volatile Organic Content (VOC). Also available in other nonvolatile content versions.30-9002-4 HOURS @120-150°CTRICKLE/ROLL DIP180/200°C
GRC59-36EBEPOXY EMULSIONSingle-component, low temperature and fast cure, environmentally friendly product, excellent resistance to chemicals and water.15-40s, Tu4#1-3 HOURS @110-130°CDIP/TRICKLE/ROLL DIP180℃
GRC59-30MTEPOXY EMULSIONSingle component, solventless, strong bond strength and good chemical resistance10-20s, Tu4#2-3HOURS @140-150°CDIP/TRICKLE180℃
DOBECKAN FT 2001/500 K.A & K.BUNSATURATED POLYESTERIMIDETwo-component system with excellent high temperature bond strength. The cured material displays very high resistance to tropical influences, solvents, oil, and other chemicals.469-51940 MINUTES @130°C
15 MINUTES @150°C
075-0015UNSATURATED POLYESTERTwo-component system with excellent high temperature bond strength with long catalysed stability. Available in low viscosity ref LVT075-0015.500-80050-60 MINUTES @140-150°CTRICKLE/DIP180℃
075-3798UNSATURATED POLYESTERTwo-component system especially suited where high resiliency and high bond strength at elevated temperatures are required.200-40030–50 MINUTES @130-140°CTRICKLE/ROLL DIP180℃
075-3286UNSATURATED POLYESTERTwo-component system ,low viscosity and well penetration.400-50050-60 MINUTES @130-150°CTRICKLE180℃
Ranvar R2003SUNSATURATED POLYESTERIt exhibits good tank stability coupled with good bond strength, low shrinkage and chemical / moisture resistance. Available in low viscosity version and flammable retardant version.350-6501-2 HOURS
PED 600 HI BOND POLYESTERUNSATURATED POLYESTERLow viscosity, fast curing and excellent heat resistance.235 - 3051 HOUR @160-170°CDIP / TRICKLE / ROLL DIP180℃
PE 820 HBUNSATURATED POLYESTERTwo-component system with high bond strength. It has excellent adhesion, adhesive hard and flexibility, good abrasion resistance, low shrinkage, good chemical corrosive resistance.70-90s @Tu41 HOUR @130-150°CTRICKLE/ROLL DIP180℃
DOBECKAN FT2001 LEUNSATURATED POLYESTERIMIDETwo-component system, low emission and high bond strength at elevated temperature, high flexibility.500-100030-60 MINUTES@130-150°CTRICKLE/ROLL DIP/DIP180℃
5183 SWUNSATURATED POLYESTERTwo-component system in low viscosity,fast curing and long pot life.80-15030-60 MINUTES @120°CDIP/TRICKLE180℃
GRC 20EPOXY REISNExcellent heat resistance and mechanical properties,good adhesion and high bond strength.1000-200030-60 MINUTES @130-150°CTRICKLE/ROLL DIP/DIP180℃
075-4715UNSATURATED POLYESTER GEL COATTwo-component system with highly filled polyester and well crack-resistant.10000-3000020-30 MINUTES @140-150°CTRICKLE/BRUSH200℃
075-2715UNSATURATED POLYESTER GEL COATTwo-component system with highly filled hard polyester. It dose not crack in deep section as a result of mechanical or thermal stress loads and has excellent electrical properties; lower viscosity version LV075-2715 is available.5500-750020-30 MINUTES @140-150°CTRICKLE/BRUSH180℃
075-2715 MUNSATURATED POLYESTER GEL COATImprove on traditional 075-2715 which work in hard environment.The features of this system is more hard and flexible. It does not crack in deep section as a result of hard mechanical or thermal stress loads. Excellent electrical properties.10000–1200030-60 MINUTES @140-150°CTRICKLE /BRUSH180℃
GRC 20 GCEPOXY GEL COATTwo-component, resilient, highly filled hard polyester with excellent abrasion resistance and excellent electrical properties.-5-8 MINUTES @120°CTRICKLE/BRUSH180℃
E 300-GCEPOXY GEL COATExcellent heat resistance and mechanical properties, good adhesion and high bond strength.290000-3900001 HOUR @140°CTRICKLE-

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