High performance solutions for daily life appliances.

Many kinds of devices are used in daily life to satisfy current needs or wants such as white goods, household appliances, mobile phones, sports goods and many more. Those devices are typically produced in mass and are supposed to make everyday life easier. ELANTAS offers a full range of resins, varnishes and composites helping to improve the performances of those high volume devices in terms of lifetime, safety and quality.

ELANTAS is providing solutions across the value chain of consumer products. We offer technical solutions to deliver mechanical, thermal and insulating protection for electronic and electrical components of the consumer segment as well as adhesives, composites and tooling materials for shaping and forming of parts and pieces.

Our product portfolio comprises products such as impregnating resins and varnishes, potting and casting compounds, flexible insulation film and flexible electronic substrates, adhesives, elastomers and conformal coatings. ELANTAS also manufactures enamels for the magnet wire production for a wide range of consumer applications.

Please find more details about our offerings in the specific product segments or contact our local representatives.

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