Innovation - ELANTAS Europe

The basis for innovation is knowledge.

Innovation at ELANTAS Europe is closely linked to the specific requirements of our customers and the markets. We know what our customers need - today and in the future. Our aim is to provide always the best solution. This is based on a deep chemical, technical and economical understanding of technologies and future market trends.

Innovative product development at ELANTAS Europe means developing marketable products - for existing, for new and for emerging markets. We concentrate our activities on the utilisation of existing technologies in new application areas and the use of new technologies with proven products.

ELANTAS Europe provides the full range of chemistries used for all common insulation fields. This characterises us and is one of our strengths. It doesn't matter if polyurethane, polyester, epoxy, silicone, polyamideimide or any other chemistry is required, we will select the best material for our customers. Our chemists have an extensive knowledge in their specific research area and the creativeness in formulating product solutions.

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