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High performance solutions for the global electrical and electronics industry

ELANTAS is a specialist for liquid insulation materials for the electrical and electronics industry.

The group offers a broad portfolio of wire enamels, impregnating resins and varnishes, casting & potting materials, flexible electrical insulation materials, conformal coatings as well as adhesives & sealants fulfilling the requirements of most technical and environmental standards. Our extensive knowledge in polymer chemistry and formulations has widened our offerings into specialty & industrial coatings, printed electronics products as well as materials for tooling and composites.

ELANTAS products can be found in applications such as electric motors, generators, transformers, capacitors, computers, PCB’s, power electronics, sensors contributing significantly to safety, reliability and long life of such devices. With our expertise and innovation spirit, we are serving various market segments as automotive, power generation & distribution, industrial, consumer, wind energy and many others with highly technical solutions.

ELANTAS commitment to Innovation, Sustainability and Safety in combination with the world-wide network of production sites, research facilities and our global customer intimacy makes us market leader in developing and manufacturing of wire enamels, impregnating resins and casting materials.

Innovation at ELANTAS is closely linked to specific requirements of our clients, the existing and future markets trends as well as regulatory measures. Throughout our global presence we know about our customer needs and aim to provide best solutions in combination with consistent technical services worldwide.

ELANTAS is run as a holding company headquartered in Wesel, Germany and comprises twelve manufacturing companies, which are strategically located in all major regions of the world. In 2023 ELANTAS employed a total workforce of 2,101 and achieved sales of EUR 686 million.

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