Power Generation & Distribution

Powering the future through electricity management

The availability of electricity is something people around the world take for granted, however to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted supply a high level of technical input is required. Power generation, distribution and management is a coordinated and normally seamless event.  To ensure this happens many devices are built to the highest performance quality. ELANTAS, as a major supplier to the power generating, distribution and management industry, provides superior reliable electrical insulation systems.

Whether for the manufacture of generators, distribution transformers, bushings, instrument transformers, cable splicing, coupler sealing and cable glands, ELANTAS has a wide range of chemistries to meet all types of demand and requirements for the use in low, medium and high voltage environments.  We are offering impregnating resins, casting resins, potting compounds, gel coats, semi conductive coatings, anti-tracking coatings, environmental coatings and more. Our newly launched ELAN-Volt® portfolio represents liquid and flexible insulation systems with the highest degree of compatibility.

For applications such as energy storage ELANTAS offers a range of products to bond, seal, protect and conduct heat to ensure the batteries will work safely and help to extend their life.

The products designed and manufactured by ELANTAS from its 13 worldwide locations provide performance characteristics such as:

  • Superior dielectric  properties
  • High bond strength
  • Wide range of products that match thermal resistance for the application
  • Multiple Electrical Insulation Systems
  • 220°C Insulation Systems
  • Environmental protection
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Various curing temperatures
  • Tough casting resins
  • Efficient thermal conductivity
  • Improved dielectric fatigue resistance due to PDiV

Please find more details about our offerings in the specific product segments or contact our local representatives.

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