Excellent technical achievements for more comfort and safety

Without an insulating coating electricity would flow between the wires and not down the path of the wire. The result: leakage current or short circuits.

Faulty insulation is a safety problem

Increasing leakage current can possibly cause considerable generation of heat and thus lead to functional impairment or to the complete breakdown of a technical device due to overheating. In extreme cases, faulty insulation coupled with moisture can even pose a serious safety problem. Electrically insulated wires are used in electric motors and transformers, where they meet high heat and chemicals-resistance requirements and have to withstand mechanical and electrical burdens.

Our world is full of technology

Whether a computer or a television set, an espresso or drilling machine, windshield wipers or window lifters - our world is full of technology that makes many aspects of everyday life easier.

The insulation problem has been solved well

Every electrical device contains a number of components such as electric motors and transformers which we don't even notice because they function reliably. A low breakdown rate of a device reflects its high quality and means that the insulation problem has been solved well. The products made by ELANTAS - wire enamels, impregnating resins, and compounds - contribute to the safety, reliability, and long life of such devices.