Introduction to ELAN-Volt®

At any voltage, the quality and performance requirements that impregnating resins have to fulfill are exceedingly high, so as to exclude potential sources of danger from the outset. But in high-voltage use, these demands become many times greater.

Resins for high-voltage use must be reliable so that results are consistent. They also have to be fully compatible with the insulation materials used in a system. ELAN-Volt® resins meet these criteria, ensuring an enhanced, stable, and repeatable process. Our unique range of ELAN-Volt®  products is designed to fulfill even the toughest requirements of the high-voltage rotating machine industry.

ELAN-Volt®  product series includes following chemistries:

  • Catalyzed epoxy
  • Anhydride cured epoxy
  • Monomer-based unsaturated polyester and polyesterimide
  • Nonvolatile unsaturated polyester and polyesterimide
  • Hybrid resin technology

Technical properties of ELAN-Volt®

Using the ELAN-Volt® product series, we always aim to achieve the best possible result for our customers using an immense diversity of technical properties.

Voltage Ranges
This range of ELANTAS impregnating resins is specifically designed for vacuum pressure impregnation of insulation systems in the ranges of 3.3 kV to 15.0 kV.

Dry-Taped and Hybrid Coil Structures
These resins are well suited to the processing of both dry-taped and hybrid constructions that result in an enhanced and reliable insulation system.

Multiple Range of Product Chemistries
Utilizing the strength and depth of ELANTAS’ chemical knowledge and expertise we can offer a complete range of product chemistries.

Insulation System Compatibility
ELANTAS impregnating products have been found to be compatible with flexible and mica insulation products available from all major suppliers.

Test Regimes
Product evaluation and system compatibility tests have been carried out across our varied product range using globally accepted international standards.