Electrical Insulation & More

ELANTAS Europe is a leading manufacturer of insulating and protective materials. We develop and produce wire enamels, impregnating resins and varnishes, casting and potting resins, electronic coatings, adhesives, flexible electrical insulation materials, special coatings, products for printed electronics as well as a wide range of tooling and composite materials. 

We provide products, tailor-made customer solutions and comprehensive services that make technology more reliable and life more secure - with expertise and knowledge gained over more than 100 years.

It is our know-how and drive in innovation that make various end use applications within the electrical and electronics industry possible in first place, such as motors, generators, transformers, printed circuit boards or sensors. Our products significantly contribute to the safety, reliability and long life of such devices. But we are thinking ahead. We use our deep knowledge and develop innovative products for other markets or new application areas such as special coatings for kitchen ware or composites for master models. This generates added value for all our customers.

We Combine Chemistry & Applications

Our objective is to provide the best technological solution and a consistent customer and service orientation. With the broadest product portfolio and in-house application laboratories we support our customers during the whole process of selecting and testing suitable materials and relevant application methods. More than 400 experts around Europe are working every day on technology driven solutions for our customers. If we do not have the ideal solution on hand, we work closely with our customers and develop tailor-made products fitting to their individual needs. More than 2,000 customers rely on our technical expertise, our long-term practice and on the proven high quality standard of our products.

Focus on Research & Development

Innovative product development at ELANTAS Europe is closely linked to the current and future needs of our customers. With an annual expenditure equivalent to 7% of sales, research & development is a core commitment of ELANTAS Europe. The source of our innovative strength is a network of 4 highly specialised research laboratories. Each laboratory being dedicated to specific chemistries. At ELANTAS Europe we provide the full range of chemistries for all common insulation fields. Our experts are specialists in their specific areas and know exactly about the advantages, applications and formulas of chemistries. That characterises us and makes us even more successful.

Please find more details about our offerings in the specific product groups.

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