The clean and dry object is dipped into the varnish or resin - dipping time is dependant on the individual system and product design.

Air-drying finishing varnishes can be completely dried / cured at room temperature with the process being accelerated with the use of heat at temperatures up to 90°C. When using air-drying varnishes the user has to make sure that all coated surfaces have to be directly in contact with air.

Impregnating varnishes or resins are drained for a certain time at room temperature, after which the product is then cured in an oven at the temperatures and periods of time given on the product specification sheet. For large objects or those with complicated winding structures a two-stage curing process could be recommended. To better anticipate the time and energy consumption necessary for the objects to be impregnated, heating curves and curing temperatures should be available.

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