Conformal coatings, potting and electronic adhesives

Electronic components and circuit boards have to meet ever growing requirements such as e.g. humidity, extreme temperatures, mechanical loads and chemical effects. The Bectron® family is specially designed to provide optimum protection and dielectric integrity for today’s high performance modules. Conformal coatings, potting resins and glues play a critical role in reliability under harsh conditions of electronic components such as printed circuit boards (PCB's), hybrids, sensors and electronic assemblies. Application areas are in defence, aeronautic, marine and a variety of commercial, industrial and consumer applications. The automotive sector is the predominant application.

The wide range of the  Bectron® portfolio includes

  • Thin film coatings with alkyd, acrylate, silicone (1-component)
  • Thick film coatings, VOC free, with polyurethane, epoxy, silicone (1-component)
  • Melting resins, VOC free (1-component)
  • Polyurethane (1- & 2-component)
  • Silicones (1- & 2-component)
  • Adhesives for electronic applications

All Bectron® products satisfy the requirements of EU Directives (RoHS and WEEE) and meet the specifications of the automotive industry.

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