R&D Laboratories and Competences

A network of R&D specialists

ELANTAS Europe operates 4 highly specialised research laboratories, each dedicated to certain markets and applications. Our chemists are specialists within their specific areas. Key principle in our R&D work are the exchange of knowledge, sharing of information and the development of common methodologies and approaches. We also collaborate closely with universities, research institutes, suppliers and most importantly our customers. Leveraging synergies and bundling R&D competences leads to additional value for our customers and a high level of innovation strength.

The competences of our R&D labs are

  • Own resin synthesis
  • Synthesis of tailor-made polymers
  • Customised formulations
  • Correlations structure-property-application
  • Dispersion of highly filled materials
  • Testing of new raw materials
  • Nano-materials
  • Material characterisation
  • Development of environmentally friendly solutions
  • Support customers in the testing of materials in actual product configuration
  • Process technology development

All our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the art tools. ELANTAS Europe has a wide range of standard tests:

  • Electrical Properties, e.g. tan-delta, electrical resistance, break down voltage
  • Mechanical Properties, e.g. bond strength, dynamic mechanic analysis, tensile and flexural strength as function of temperature
  • Thermal Properties, e.g. calorimetric analysis, temperature index, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity
  • Chemical Properties, e.g. resistance against solvents, acid number and other titrations types
  • Physical Properties, e.g. shore hardness
  • Analytical Methods, e.g. IR-spectroscopy, different types of chromatography

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