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The industrial markets served by ELANTAS include, but are not limited to, applications in Foundry, Mining, Construction, Telecommunication and Water Purification, etc. ELANTAS is a solution provider for our Industrial partners with superior insights into the requirements of respective end-uses and the corresponding sophisticated technologies to meet those needs.

ELANTAS is focused on protecting the electric and electronic components in any system for industrial-use cases. In addition, we offer non-electrical technical solutions for the composite and tooling market, as well as adhesive and sealing businesses in industrial applications. Whether the components and applications target traditional electrical applications as in motors, generators and transformers or are specialized for use as in lighting, piping, cabling and power tools, etc., we provide you with the most appropriate and customized insulation solution.

ELANTAS technologies deliver protection against electrical and thermal stress, vibrational or mechanical impact and environmental exposure. The main product types for industrial applications in the ELANTAS portfolio are impregnating resins and varnishes, potting and casting compounds, flexible insulation film and flexible electronic substrates, adhesives and conformal coatings. ELANTAS also manufactures a full range of enamels for the magnet wire industry dedicated to industrial applications.

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