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Electrical machines are an essential part of our modern life. Electrical components are becoming smaller, more efficient and are operating under conditions of stress that have a direct impact on the insulation performance of such devices. The primary function of impregnating materials is to protect electrical machines from insulation failure. They protect windings against electrical, mechanical, thermal, chemical and environmental stress.

Our brands Aquanel®, Dobeckan®, ELAN-protect®, Elmotherm®, Epoxylite® and Isonel® are specifically designed for use in the construction of low, medium and high voltage electrical devices and components. Electrical insulation materials made by ELANTAS Europe have a high quality standard and excellent insulation properties. Our products significantly contribute to the safety, reliability and long life of small or large electric motors, transformers and generators.

Our resin systems are based on several different chemistries, such as unsaturated polyester, polyester-imide, and epoxy products, as well as a wide range of water-based / solvented varnishes.

Typical end use markets are power generation, automotive, transportation, industrial or the electric motor repair market.

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