Special Conditions for Automotive Industry

  1. Any customer specific requirements, quality assurance or similar agreements only become binding upon duly execution or confirmation in written form by both ELANTAS Europe and the customer. The foregoing sentence shall also apply to any updated or revised version of such requirements or agreements. In no event shall any updated or revised version of customer requirements or agreements automatically become binding without ELANTAS Europe signing or confirming it in writing. 
  2. If the ELANTAS Europe product will be subject to product safety requirements and the customer does not explicitly state this in the Request For Quotation and does not provide all applicable technical information, ELANTAS Europe shall not be held responsible for any internal management related to product being in scope of the safety requirement of the product (ref. ELANTAS Europe internal procedure 101-400-001 Product Integrity).
  3. ELANTAS Europe only warrants that the product complies with the regulations of the chemical industry in the country of delivery, unless the customer has provided written evidence of additional countries into which the end product will be sold before delivery of the product to the customer.
  4. In the event the customer requests samples before a series production (in this context of the initial sample produced with the final / series production facilities / equipment) and ELANTAS Europe requests formal approval but does not receive formal approval from the customer as per Part Submission Warrant sign-off, ELANTAS Europe will deem the receipt of the first purchase order or delivery schedule full formal customer approval of the submitted samples and will authorize the change to series production.

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