Bectron® DP – Screen-printable insulators

Insulating materials play an important role in all areas of electrotechnics. For several decades, ELANTAS Europe has developed and produced suitable polymers for the insulation of electrical devices and electronic components as well as for wire enamels. Such chemicals as unsaturated polyester, silicones, epoxides and many others are available for a wide range of different application methods, such as dipping, casting & potting or dispensing. 

In its Printed Electronics product line, besides electrically conductive screen printing pastes ELANTAS Europe additionally offers insulating pastes under the brand name Bectron® DP.

Screen-printable insulators find their use, for example, in areas like in membrane switches, in-mould electronics, hybrid electronics (antennas and sensors), printed heating and smart textile areas. Beside the demand on materials of components in their final application, other important selection criteria are decisive for an insulator, such as the substrate or undercoat, as well as the specific drying and curing conditions of existing machinery parks.

ProductColourApplication SubstrateChemistryCuring / Drying Conditions
Bectron® DP 8442GreenMembrane switches,
RFID antennas,
- PET film untreated
- PET film treated
- ELAN-Film HT 180
AcrylicUV-dryer (Mercury lamp)
Bectron® DP 8443Blue
Bectron® DP 8444Colourless
Bectron® DP 8445ColourlessSuitable for more flexible applications- PET film untreated
- PET film treated
- PC film
AcrylicUV-dryer (Mercury lamp)
Bectron® DP 8446Green
Bectron® DP 8480ColourlessIn-mold electronics- PC filmThermo-
Hot air dryer
Bectron® DP 8481TransparentInsulator and protection- PC filmAcrylicUV-dryer (Mercury lamp)
Bectron® DP 8491ColourlessHigh temperature applications- ELAN-Film HT 180
- Kapton
- Glass
Unsaturated polyesterHot air dryer

Typical insulator layer thicknesses in screen printing is in the range of 1-30 µm, which can be influenced by the choice of the screen mesh material. Particularly UV-hardened insulators are characterised by extremely fast curing and simple cleaning. Besides their high mechanical flexibility, Bectron® DP insulators exhibit excellent dielectric properties and allow overprinting. Multi-layer printed designs, e.g. for membrane switches or antennas, can be realised easily.

Further information about these products is available under below links. Here and in our technical datasheets you’ll also find corresponding recommendations for suitable conductive silver and graphite pastes.

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