Bectron® One-Component Solutions

Today, the protection of electronics in different fields of application (e.g. industrial or automotive sector) is frequently subject to very special requirements. For example, one requirement can be the need to refine processes.

One-component materials can contribute to the simplification of processes. Their characteristic feature is that they do not require the addition of a second reaction component to start the curing process. All reaction components are already contained in the single-component material.

The curing reaction of one-component materials can be initiated by exposure to UV radiation, heat or by reaction with atmospheric moisture. Depending on the formulation a combination of those reactions can also be used to ensure full polymerisation of the material.

According to the application and other parameters (e.g. the number of pieces to be produced, the size of the surface to be coated) the suitable material should be chosen carefully.

ELANTAS Europe offers a broad range of products in the area of one-component materials, covering all hardening mechanisms and meeting the individual requirements of the customer.

Whether existing equipment is used or new production equipment must be procured, we can respond to virtually every customer requirement.

Furthermore, if no suitable material can be found in the standard product range, our R&D department can also develop a specially designed material based on customer demand.

Product CodeColourViscosity [mPas]Max. Temp. [°C/20.000 h]Hardness [Shore]Cure SpeedThermal Conductivity [W/mK]
Bectron® PK 5553Black350013030 D30 min. @ 90°C0,3
Bectron® MR 3402Yellow9250  @ 190 °C12511 A5 min. @ 23°C0,3
Bectron® SDC 76V1-18Transparent25018020 A15 min. @ 40°C0,2
Bectron® SC 76V1-20Transparent300018020 A24h @ 23°C0,2
Bectron® AR 4800Transparent240012058 A24h @ 23°C0,2
Bectron® PT 4600Blue100012065 A5-10 sec.0,2
Bectron® PT 4834Blue320010545 A6 h @ 23°C0,2
Bectron® PL 5622-250Transparent25015085 A30 min. @ 90°C0,2
Bectron® PL 4122 ETransparent80134----------16h @ 23°C0,2


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