Bectron® PT 4700 N - The new UV-curable thin film coating

High volumes with short processing times– more and more electronics manufacturers, such as in the automotive industry, are faced with this growing challenge. In order to meet the cycle time demands, special conformal coatings are necessary to protect electronic components on PCBs.

With the Bectron® PT 460x series, ELANTAS Europe has marketed highly demanded UV-curable products, which find use in different fields of application. The different viscosities of the familiar Bectron® PT 460x series allow use as a thick film coating (coating thickness ≥ 100µm) or even for dam and fill applications (coating thicknesses ≥ 500µm).
As a result of increasing cost pressure and, of course, also in consideration of sustainable processes, particularly UV-curable thin film coatings (coating thicknesses < 100µm) are in increasing demand. As a rule, applications which require only protection against moisture and dust do not require high layer thicknesses. Relatively thin coatings are often sufficient for these.

The result of our development work is the new Bectron® PT 4700 N. The viscosity of around 150 mPa*s enables automatic spray application with coating thicknesses of around 50 µm. In spite of the low viscosity, Bectron® PT 4700 N is a 100% material, without volatile organic compounds (VOC-free).

As a thin film coating, Bectron® PT 4700 N thus rounds out the existing portfolio of the Bectron® PT 4xxx series of UV-curable products. For UV hardening, the use of a lamp with a broad UVA spectrum is recommended. Alternatively, the curing can also take place by UV-LED with a wavelength of 365 nm. Following the UV curing, reaction with atmospheric humidity ensures complete polymerisation in the shadow areas.

The new material was thoroughly tested in different internal application tests and also by customers. Both, the internal results and the customer feedback, are excellent.
Bectron® PT 4700 N can not only be precisely applied, its UL 94 V-0 rating (file no. E211569) and very good results in various aging tests, e.g. thermal shock (-40°C / +125°C), surface insulation resistance (SIR at 85°C / 85% relative humidity and 40°C / 93% relative humidity) as well as in the corrosive gas test, are altogether convincing.

Table: Overview of the UV/moisture-curable products from ELANTAS Europe for electronic protection

Bectron® PT 4700 N150 ± 50 mPa*sThin film coating, spray application 
Bectron® PT 46001000 ± 500 mPa*sThick film coating, spray or dispensing application, application as filler material for dam and fill in combination with Bectron® PT 4606 possible
Bectron® PT 46011700 ± 600 mPa*sThick film coating, spray or dispensing application
Bectron® PT 460638.000 ± 8.000 mPa*sHighly viscous material for fixing components on PCBs or as dam material for dam and fill in combination with Bectron® PT 4600, application by dispensing 

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