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Product Curing curing

Temp. Range (°C)

Viscosity (Pas)

Tg (°C)

Density (g/cm³)


Elan-glue® EP 5330

Thermal cure 15 min @ 150°C or 15s @ 190°Cup to +150°C201601.6one-component system, medium viscosity, ochre, chlorine < 5ppm
Elan-glue® EP 5610 UV cure / thermal cure 150mW/cm2  UVA @ 5s+ RT or 1h @ 150°Cup to +150°C11251.2one-component system, low viscous, colourless/yellowish, good adhesion on metal/plastic/glass, low thermal expansion - CTE (<Tg) = 70ppm

Elan-glue® EP 5620

Thermal cure 10min @ 130°Cup to +130°C0.8 (D=3s-1)1.15one-component system, low viscous, colourless, short temperature resistance up to 160°C