Resins for for civil engineering reinforcement

ELANTAS Europe offers epoxy resins for a wide range of civil engineering and other building / construction applications. Our epoxy resins are used for the reinforcement of basalt, carbon fibre and steel fabrics. They are specifically formulated and designed for these special applications to provide our customers with the optimum solution. Product characteristics are contrast in color between the two components to check mixing, thixotropy for vertical and ceiling applications as well as the capability to cure in cold conditions. 

Our systems are CE certified (according to CE EN 1504-4). The epoxy systems combined with carbon fibre fabric is CIT certified (according to Ministry of Italian Public Works).

Depending on your individual requirements we offer different search and selection functions to help you find the appropriate material. The listed products are an extract from our actual product portfolio. More products are available on request.

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ResinHardenerPOT-LIFE min. 25°CTg °C MAXDescription
Elan-tech® MC 256W 25620-25 min.54-60Suitable for bonding pultruded plates, fabrics of carbon, glass, aramid, basalt fibre, high resistant steel of different weights