Resins for marble and granite slab reinforcement or stone block infusion

ELANTAS Europe manufactures specific epoxy resins especially for reinforcing, restoring, embellishing and bonding of natural and artificial stones. Depending on the resin plant system used by the customer, the kind of stone or the color of marble and granite, ELANTAS Europe offers the best suitable epoxy system for marble and granite slab reinforcement or stone block infusion. Depending on our customer’s requirements we offer

  • Low or medium-viscosity for capillary or fine cracksand broken materials
  • Fast, medium, slow curing time for white, colored, black materials
  • Transparent, no yellowing resins for precious materials, onyx, agglomerate stone

 As a professional partner for the stone industry our portfolio includes:

  • Glass fiber epoxy resins for the reinforcement of slabs of marble, granite or onyx
  • Epoxy resins for the restoration of blocks of marble, granite or onyx
  • Epoxy resins  for the restoration and embellishment of plate surfaces
  • Epoxy and polyurethane adhesives and putties for the bonding of artefacts and thin slabs of stone or ceramic with honeycomb panels

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