Review Printed Electronics Days

Our second ELANTAS Printed Electronics Days, a virtual conference with topics around printed electronics, took place on September 29th & 30th, 2021. This time the conference was focused on an international audience and held in English language. Reputed speakers gave an insight into innovative and specific topics of this technology. In addition to the ELANTAS colleagues from sales and R&D, we were able to win partners from the areas of functional materials, printing technology and end-use applications as speakers.

In terms of content, we have put together an attractive package of topics. A total of 21 presentations covering the roadmap printed electronics, coating processes, drying & curing, practical application examples and the interaction between graphic and functional colors in in-mold electronics were part of the agenda.

The field of printed electronics is a new, emerging technology with many individual players in this field. The areas of materials, printing machine manufacturers and printing on these different substrates require close cooperation between all parties involved. The interest and also the need for knowledge in this area are very high, since overarching know-how is often still being developed.

The response was overwhelming. We had a consistently high attendance on both days with participants from all over the globe. With our Printed Electronics Days we were able to offer, again, a platform for interdisciplinary exchange for this rapidly growing market of printed electronics and introduced ELANTAS Europe as a strong, competent partner for materials.

At this point, we would like to say “Thank You” again to all speakers and participants.

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